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Learn how to create a touchless 3D tracking interface with Make Magazine

Make Magazine is absolutely awesome. Things you learn out there make your brain spin in your head. They teaqch us how to use and create technology without even needing a PhD.

I always thought that creating a tracking device is damn hard and even doing 3D tracking is almost impossible if you do not have specialized hardware. In this episode we’ll learn how to create this 3D tracking interface. It needs an ardruino board, ardruino sofware, a PC, three square cardboard pieces, wires, aluminium foil and some other ingredients. What you can do in your home with these tye of projects will make you look like Dexter. for good. And have fun at it too.

Watching this video I learned how capacitive surfaces can detect you. Using three such surfaces your hand can be detected fairly good (remember GPS anyone?). Fun and educative!

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