Falling Into Black Holes Revisited: You Can’t Fall Into [sort of]

In an earlier post I wrote that

Black holes are cosmic objects so dense that not even light can escape from them if it gets too close.

and Dr. Sanford Aranoff, Adjunct Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics at Rider University, told me in a comment that you cannot even reach a black hole stating that:

Not true, as it takes forever to reach this dense object due to time dilation. Please do not mislead the public. See “Basic Assumptions and Black Holes”, Physics Essays 22, 559 (2009). You may read this paper at http://www.analysis-knowledge.com/msgTeaching.htm. In other words, the gravitational distortion of geometry is such that there is no inside to this denses object.

So, in other words, due to the singularity (infinite gravitation in a black hole) it will take an infinite amount of time to get to a black hole. Why this reasoning? Well it has been proven that as you get farther from the center of gravity of a cosmic object the time flows faster.

Remember this post about GPS systems? Minute Physics explained that because the time flows faster at the heights where the satellites are gravitating (due to General Relativity) and the time flows slower at ground level due to Special Relativity, we need to have time correction in those GPS satellites.

So, since it is proven by fact that gravity is mean with the time you can conclude that approaching an infinite gravity object will take you an infinite number of days.

In the video above Sixty Symbols explains how the situation would be at event horizon or in the black hole, but those are more likely assumptions and a series of “what if’s” and not really Physics at work. In the black holes physics has no place, meaning that you could use only math to try and explain what happens in there, but any explanations as to what would you feel nearing a black hole are assumptions.

Sixty Symbols has given the link to two papers published in the Library of Cornell University: here and here.

I will have to read those two documents too. Don’t be afraid to read such files, they are easy to understand and you can get more accurate information than from the media. So, black holes are and remain the strangest thing in the Universe and no, you cannot fall into one, but IF you are too close it is all over for you.

Continuing with assumptions, IF you could get a light source close enough to a black hole that light could not escape. But that is an assumption, because you cannot reach a black hole. Understood?

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