1,000,000,000 is called a Billion or Milliard? [video]

If there is something that baffles me is why do English speaking countries like US or UK use the word “Billion” for 1,000,000,000 instead of Milliard. It seems that a shift in mentality during the 70s in the UK has done this.

There are two systems in use for counting large numbers: the short one and, (Captain) obviously the long one. The short one uses as a base thousands and counts from there while the long one uses millions as a base.

Once you get to understand this difference you can guess that a Billion for UK is a Milliard for Romania, Germany and other European countries. The explanation given by Dr James Grime and Dr Tony Padilla and very easy to understand. So, what is the correspondence of one Quintillion from the short system in the long system. Have fun. Via [GaS].

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