Black Holes and Dark Matter explained [video]

Today I had some free time so I roamed through some YouTube videos and stopped at these. They explain what black holes are and why dark matter is such an important concept for astrophysicists.

Black holes are cosmic objects so dense that not even light can escape from them if it gets too close. They have usually millions of solar masses and can eat up entire stars. Dark matter on the other hand is a term used to define a huge amount of mass of the Universe that is not composed of black holes, stars, comets, asteroids or plantes.

It is believed to be composed of WIMP or axions, subatomic particles that do not interact with light. Also, today (13th April 2012) Science Daily reports that the dark matter it could be composed of Majorana particles, named after italian physicist Ettore Majorana. Ettore deducted that the Majorana particle is at the border of matter and antimatter and that it is in itself particle and anti-particle.

This is getting weird. But nothing form quantum physics ever was “normal” 😀 So, enjoy the videos and let’s be happy that even Sci-Fi movies missed the incredible findings or today.

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