Wheelchairs are history: meet Tek RMD – Robotic Mobilization Device [UPDATE: 20 Feb 2014]

What is Tek RMD from Tek RMC on Vimeo.

The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device has been created by AMS Mekatronic, an R&D company from Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB Technopark, Istanbul, Turkey).

Tek RMD help the paraplegic get out of the bed, do the shopping, lets them sit at a table without feeling uncomfortable. With only 36 cm wide and 62 cm long it covers only a third of the space occupied by a wheelchair. It has a max speed of 3.2 kph (2 mph), max range of 14km (approx 8 miles) and can carry a 90kg (198 pounds) person.

The Tek RMD is available as of now (22 March 2012) in Turkey and they will open markets in Europe and USA. Such a device will cost about $15,000. Fill in the Assessment Form and see what answer will they send over.

Thanks OctiZip for sharing. Via [The Verge].

BIG UPDATE: TEK RMD starts shipping. Yesterday – Feb 19 2014 – I got this email from them:

Greetings Friends of Matia Robotics
The time has finally arrived! We’re excited to announce that we’re in compliance with 93/42/EEC – and can begin planning the delivery of the TEK RMD. Initial deliveries will be outside of the United States as we wait for FDA approval.

The first units will be delivered to Europe, Asia and Australia. Once we receive clearance from the FDA we can begin shipping to the United States. We just wrapped up a professional photo session of the finished device – once we have the pictures we will send them to you and then update the website – they look fantastic – we are so proud of the way everything came together! We are also creating a 360 degree video so you can see how the TEK RMD really looks from all perspectives.

Thank you for all of your support and patience as we work hard to get the first production units out the door. For all of you who placed reservations, the TEK RMD will be shipped according to the date your payment was received. Very soon we will be sending out some additional forms and final payment notes so we can schedule deliveries.

As always, you can find out more about the Tek RMD and Matia Robotics at the link below.


We could not be happier to be bringing this new platform to market, and thank you for being a friend of Matia Robotics.

-Team Matia

Finally. This awesome robotic helper is much closer. The sun is rising, guys!

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This is wonderful and so exciting to see! I forwarded this to a wheelchair bound friend as soon as I heard about it. You are changing the life experience of those who need this now, but you have just provided a level of “calm” for those of us who wondered if we would ever need a wheelchai in the future. Great job! Let me know if you’re looking for marketing assistance in the U.S.

You may want to contact Tek directly, as this is a blog that writes about geeky and tech stuff 😀

Here is their email :

Would the insurance cover the $15,000 needed for such device? I sure hope so 😀

Thanks Manny. I got a little excited and forgot where I was:) I hope insurance will cover it too. My Dad fell and died while trying to get from his bed to his wheelchair. What a difference this would have made for him. Thanks for the website info. I’ll head that way……

Can the device be operated by a remote? Thinking about my in laws. Mom has dementia and Dad doesn’t have the strenght to lift her alone.
What is the turning radius? Space is limited in their bathroom.
Will the Scooter Store be handling the franchise in the US?
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Hi Coop. I sent an email to Tek team and hope to get some answers. I’ll update the post as soon as I get new info 😀

It will certainly help a lot of disabled persons and the elderly. Wow,the video is great, as if their is no spinal injury. A normal life for disabled persons.

Well, it will be all about mobility. Anyways, it will be a little difficult to climb up the stairs 🙁

This is SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME and can give so much more independence to those who have to use wheelchairs!!! BRILLIANT!!! I LOVE that with using this, people can once again STAND PROUD and not have to be below eye level, and truly feel as if they are looked down upon (in the sense of not being at eye level with others)…it gives them a sense of self reliance and independence and restores so much of their sense of self!!! lovE this…kudos!!!

es emocionante saber que se esta avanzando en inplementos que nos agan la vida mas normal a las personas en silla de ruedas quiziera me mantubieran al tanto de su comercializacion en MEXICO o USA

John Bungey has sent email to AMS Mekatronic to take on Australian distributor for Tek Robotic Mobilization Device There is a need for potentially 5,000 units for persons in wheel chairs nothing in Australia like TEK – Bravo !!
John A.Bungey

Hi, John.

Good that you sent them over the email. I am just a blogger who wrote about this awesomeness. I, too, have sent them an email with some questions. Still waiting for an answer, though.

Do you know if the company has a distributor in South America? If so, could you pls give me their contact details ? I really would like to buy a equipment for my son. It is a great devellopment.

What a difference this device can make in peoples’ lives. It’s truly a huge step forward! Quetions:
I’m guessing there is a weight limit for users of this device – is this true?
Would the users be able to maneuver this on ramps?

Would this work for a para with T3-T4 injury? Also, is there somewhere (preferably in NE) where I could try it out before purchasing?

Any updates since the initial PR blast in March 2013? Looks good but would like more info on user experience after several months/year.

I have two concerns as a T-7 Quad living in NY. How does this handle snow and will this fit into a car? I currently use a cartop carrier for my manual wheelchair.

As a rehab nurse and life care planner I can see that this would be cool in many ways, but I have a lot of questions about availability, fitting, follow up, maintenance, replacement intervals, and so forth. I have emailed the web contact but no reply.
As to Valerie’s question, the thing weighs over 70 pounds, so you wouldn’t be flipping it up on a car-top carrier or into the back seat. Probably need a drive-in van…but you could remove the driver’s seat, put it in sit-down position, and sit right at the controls with a decent tie-down.

Yes, i see that they are slow to response. I’ve sent them two emails already and no reply 🙁

Not a good way to do business, that is sure!

If you guys can find out more, let me know so I’ll update the blog post. thanks.

Can someone please tell me if this is really available or just an idea as I’d love it for my brother but can’t seem to get any answers as to how much and where it’s available x

It is available, but you need to follow the links in the description of the YouTube video. I guess it will cost quite some money 🙁

It is available in the US now; there are links at their website. It’s quite a bit less than every power standing chair I’ve ever seen. Last I looked it was running around $20K; a standing chair can go to $60K. If your brother meets criteria for its use, he can apply for a benefit exception from his insurance carrier. There’s a lot of good information available, with links, in an article in the Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning at; follow the links to the Journal, March 2014 for benefits of standing chairs (p.10), and June 2015 for an interview with the inventors (p. 860) that he can use to support the benefit exception. (disclaimer: no financial connection to this product)

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