How cool is it to break the sound barrier? THAT cool!

Seeing the video above makes you remember that life beats movies, no matter what. The sound barrier is the speed at which a vehicle need to fly/run in order to beat the speed of sound (1,236 kilometres per hour or 768 mph at sea level, via wiki). And it looks pretty darn awesome, let me add.

UPDATE: What you see in the video above is the compression wave that occurs at transonic speeds, from Mach 0.8 to Mach 1.0. The aircraft doesn’t break the sound barrier so close to the viewers. In airshows and so close to people it is not allowed. Thanks to the commenters of this post for this info.

The cloud you see forming there is called a Prandtl-Glaubert singularity. More on this here.

During 1950s the sound barrier has been definitely defeated by human. Kinda feeling proud of those aircrafts, like FA-18 “Super Hornet”, from the images above. Currently, war aircrafts reach easily Mach 2. Cool. Via [One Cool Thing A Day].

Also, let’s learn about the physics behind a sonic boom:

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